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Ready to plan your financial future?

How do I become a client?

Our process is designed to create a customized financial plan to target your goals. Click on the steps below to learn more and schedule your initial call.

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Initial Phone Call Photo
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Initial Phone Call

Step 1

What will we cover during this call?

This is a quick 15-minute phone call to learn about the type of help you are seeking and determine if we are a good fit.

Do I need to have anything prepared for our phone call?

No. We will discuss basic information about your financial situation.  More in-depth information will be gathered during our Introductory Meeting (Step 2).

Click here to schedule your initial phone call

Disclosure - Form CRS

Introductory Meeting Photo
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Introductory Meeting

Step 2

What will we cover during this meeting?

This meeting provides an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for you to learn about our team and our comprehensive financial planning process.  We will discuss your financial goals (retirement, college funding, travel plans, charitable giving, etc.) and review your current financial situation.  This meeting can be conducted face-to-face in our office or virtually online.

What documents do I need to provide?

The following documents are very helpful to assist us in learning about your financial situation.  The more you share, the more we can develop the best strategies and recommendations to help you reach your short and long-term goals.  Please bring the following documents to this meeting.  If we are meeting virtually, we will provide you with a secure portal to upload your documents.

  • Simple balance sheet summarizing your assets and liabilities
  • Current accounts statements of retirement and investment accounts
  • Your most recent tax return and applicable schedules
  • Estate planning documents -- wills, trusts, power of attorney, health care directive, etc.
  • Life insurance statements or summary of your coverage
Present Financial Plan Photo
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Present Financial Plan

Step 3

What will we cover during this meeting?

After listening and discussing your lifestyle, goals, dreams and family needs, we develop a preliminary financial plan to illustrate our recommendations.   

We will share the customized financial plan we designed using the information you shared in our Introductory Meeting.  We will present our suggested strategies and solutions.  This meeting can be conducted face-to-face in our office or virtually online.

What do I need to do?

Come with questions or concerns so we can answer and discuss.

Implementation Meeting Photo
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Implementation Meeting

Step 4

What will we cover during this meeting?

Now that we are a good fit and you have chosen to move forward with our recommendations, we will have an Implementation Meeting to review and sign the paperwork to onboard you as a new client.  This includes paperwork to open new accounts and transfer your existing accounts under our management. This can be conducted face-to-face in our office, sent electronically to be signed online or mailed to your home.

What do I need to bring with me?

To comply with industry regulations, please bring (or send us) the following documents:

  • Driver's license for each client
  • Voided check(s) for bank accounts
  • Latest account statements (if they were not provided during our Introductory Meeting)
Plan Execution Photo
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Plan Execution

Step 5

Welcome to the Red Rock Group at Focus Financial!

As a new client of Focus Financial - Red Rock Group, we will begin executing the strategies and recommendations to get you on your way to achieving your goals and will provide ongoing financial planning support.

Ongoing Support

In the coming weeks and months after becoming a client, you will receive continuous communication and support from our team including:

  • Our client onboarding email series to ensure a successful transition to Focus Financial - Red Rock Group.
  • Quarterly newsletters and timely articles.
  • Educational and client appreciation events.
  • Annual financial review meetings to keep you on track.
  • Ongoing communication about account and investment changes.