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Commonly asked questions

There are three commons ways we tend to engage with clients, depending on your situation:

Introductory Meeting Only

For simpler situations, an Introductory Meeting will provide enough opportunity for us to make recommendations to put you on track to meet your financial goals.  This tends to be more common for younger clients who are just beginning the financial planning process.  At the end of the Introductory Meeting, you will be equipped to take ownership of implementing recommendations on your own.  This Introductory Meeting is provided at no cost.

Consulting Services

In some cases, more analytical work is required for us to make recommendations (e.g., cash flow projection, tax estimates, detailed investment research, etc.).  In this case, we charge a flat fee to complete this consulting work; the outcome will be research-based written recommendations, and we will equip you to take ownership for implementing them. 

Comprehensive Wealth Management

For clients that wish to delegate the wealth management process to a professional, this would be the most appropriate option.  Some differences with this option is that we take the ownership for implementing our recommendations on our clients behalf including managing the investment portfolio.  We meet on a regular basis and we charge an asset-based fee.  

We do NOT need any financial documents or information prior to our Initial Phone Call.  However, in the event we agree to schedule the Introductory Meeting, we will ask that you send us certain documents prior to that meeting.  

Typical documents might include a simple balance sheet summarizing your assets and liabilities, statements for each asset and liability, your most recent tax return, and your estate planning documents. 


We utilize a wealth management platform called eMoney where you can upload documents through a password-protected portal.  If you prefer this method, we will send you an invitation to create a login and instructions for using this website. 


If you prefer, you can fax your information to (612) 486-6899. 


You may drop-off any requested documents at our office. If you have original documents, we can create a copy in the office for our review so that you can hold on to the originals.


You can also mail your documents to our office.  We can return them to you at your Introductory Meeting (if we meet in person), or by mail.